The Basics

Brief Overview

WordPress has a lot of buttons and features that are confusing or downright intimidating. When you go to write an article (by logging in and clicking the big red “WRITE” button shown below), it will automatically bring you to the WordPress writing page.

You are responsible for the title of the article, the text of the article, and providing images.

Writing Into WordPress

We strongly recommend that you write into WordPress directly, as it solves issues of formatting and how text displays on the website. If you draft text in another word processor, make sure you paste your text without formatting (i.e., as plain text) to prevent formatting issues.

Yoast SEO Readability

Heavyshelf uses a plugin that shows your articles current “Readability” through a number of helpful metrics. To find this tab, scroll far down on the WordPress editor. Generally, these readability tips are helpful to follow and improve writing quality, but it’s a program and not an artist. It’s always a good idea to refer to the Yoast SEO Readability tab and use it as a sort of rubric when reviewing your work.

Importing Images

Importing images into WordPress is as simple as dragging and dropping. When you select an image that you have imported, you can click the pencil icon (shown below) and edit the image details. When doing this, you can add a caption to your image and change the display setting. For display setting (image resolution), please select the “Full Size” preset. More on images is discussed in the Beginner difficulty guide.

See Highlighted: Edit Button


See Highlighted: Caption and Size

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