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First Things First

For those newly registered, to publish an article on you will need to join the Discord. This is so the editors have a direct line of communication with any writers that may have any questions. The link below will take you to the Lobby where you can feel free to introduce yourself.

Those who are not on the Discord will not have their articles published.


What We Write at Heavyshelf is one of many ways we can come together and celebrate games. There are a number of gaming websites so I want to take the time to explain how Heavyshelf is different.

No Ads

Ads are ugly. They get in the way when people are trying to read. So we won’t have ads on so it can remain a nice and neat place to read about games.

No Agenda

Gaming, games development, gaming culture, and the games industry as a whole is what we’re all about. There are many gaming websites. As of late, many of those sites seem to have strayed from talking about games. We’re here to celebrate games and ask that anyone who wants to contribute to the discussion should refrain discussing politics, religion, and any other culturally charged topics on There’s plenty of other places for that. Please respect that this is not one of them.

Editor’s Help

Not all gamers are writers but all gamers have something to say about games. When the time comes where you have something to say and you want to write about it, our Editor’s are here to help make sure your voice can be heard loud and clear.

How to get paid at Heavyshelf

As discussed earlier we don’t run ads on So the traditional revenue model in which other platforms pay their creators by giving them a cut of said revenue isn’t in place here. Instead we encourage contributors to feel free to link to whatever means of monetization they deem fit within their profile and articles.

Heavyshelf hosts your articles for free and will never ask for a cut of your income.

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