Six Reasons Why You Should Hate “Six Days In Fallujah” | Critic Score

Six Days in Fallujah is the newest game you should hate. It helps players immerse themselves into acting out war crimes, and they're probably given higher scores the more heinous their acts,...

Rapid Review: 12 Games from the Steam Game Festival

The Steam Game Festival ran for about a week in early February and I tried to make the most out of it. I cast a wide net of games to play. With...

Rust: What To Know Before You Play

Rust is huge on Twitch right now, surpassing one million total viewers as a surprising kickoff for the new year. This popularity boost is doing a lot for the Rust community –...

Battlefield 6: Facts, Rumors, and Leaks

For Battlefield fans, the hype train is starting up once more. Is Battlefield 6 on the horizon? What will it be like? Now, more than two years after Battlefield V’s launch fiasco,...

CD Projekt Red Can’t Patch Their Broken Promises

The Cyberpunk 2077 launch has been anything but smooth. Poor performance, frequent bugs, low quality AI that's sometimes absurdly bad: all of these challenges have defined the launch of a game that...

Soul, Souless, and Demon’s Souls

Demon’s Souls was released on February 5th, 2009. Across the board, it saw an average of 9/10 reviews.

Games to Play in September | Heavyshelf Select

Heavyshelf Select is a series of articles that curates and chooses games based on their quality in art style, gameplay, depth, innovations in gaming mechanics, and even value.  September has a decent variety in...



Big Brain Academy showing the left player missing and the right player scoring points

My Four Year Old Son Just Kicked My Ass in a Videogame

  I like to think of myself as a gamer. A Dad gamer. I've built a gaming rig, bowed down at the feet of Gabe Newell,...

Nobody Saves the World | First Impressions

Nobody Saves The World is a Hack-and-Slash Action-RPG developed and published by DrinkBox Studios, and so far, it's enjoyable and full of content with a...

Monster Hunter Rise – PC Release | Review

What's the Difference between Switch and PC Releases? To be up front, the difference between the Monster Hunter Rise Switch and PC releases is mostly...
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