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In this week’s roundup, we’re highlighting the latest game releases and whats been going on in gaming. From new titles ranging from ‘Eternights’ to ‘Heavy Duty Challenge’ as well as significant news about Overwatch 2, Unity Game Engine, and Persona 5, here’s what you need to know.

MythForce | Upcoming Game Trailer

MythForce, developed by Beamdog, is a first-person roguelike action game set in the dynamic Cursed Lands, offering solo or co-op play with new story episodes and revamped progression. It’s available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

New Game Releases

Eternights (PS5, PS4, PC) | SEP 12

Heretic’s Fork (PC) | SEP 13

Ad Infinitum (PS5, XSX, PC) | SEP 14

AK-xolotl (PS5, XSX, PS4, XBO, Switch, PC) | SEP 14

Heavy Duty Challenge (PS5, XSX, PC) | SEP 14

Gaming News

Overwatch 2 Age Reveal Shatters Established Lore
Blizzard has disclosed the official ages of characters in the upcoming “Overwatch 2”. However, a few age listings have caused confusion among dedicated fans due to inconsistencies with the game’s established lore. For example, while Sigma is the oldest character at 64 and Orisa is the youngest at 1, confusion arises with Kiriko’s age being 21. Artwork has previously depicted her as a child alongside Genji (37) and Hanzo (40). The age reveal has led fans to call on Blizzard to either rectify the age disparities or remove them to maintain lore continuity. In addition to the age issue, recent modifications to the character Zarya have stirred discussions within the community. Blizzard’s response to these matters remains awaited. For more details you should check out YongYea’s video on the subject.

Unity Software’s New Install-Based Fee Sparks Controversy Among Developers
Unity Software’s latest pricing update will charge developers of high-performing games each time their game is installed, starting January 1, 2024. This change ties the fee to the installation of the Unity Runtime. Developers are charged based on the game’s revenue and install count, with different tiers for Personal/Plus and Pro/Enterprise plans. Concerns arise over the method of counting installs, including re-installs and multiple device installations. Unity states this model aims at benefiting developers with successful games, but many in the dev community argue it threatens their business sustainability. Since the news, many developers have also expressed that they are considering porting their games to other game engines with more sustainable business models. For more details you should check out Ludwig’s Mogul Mail video on the subject.

Persona 5 Tactica: A Fresh Tactical Spin on the Phantom Thieves’ Adventures
“Persona 5 Tactica” marks the Phantom Thieves’ latest adventure in a turn-based strategy game format, diverging from the mainline series’ traditional combat. As a spin-off of the well-regarded Persona series, Tactica introduces grid-based, tactical battles reminiscent of titles like XCOM and Final Fantasy Tactics. While maintaining the heart and spirit of the original, players now maneuver characters on a battlefield, capitalizing on environmental elements and combining unique character abilities. The game also features familiar voice actors, chibi-style character art, and dynamic challenges. Fans can anticipate its release on multiple platforms, including PC and consoles, on November 17.

That’s it for this week’s attempt at a roundup of big news in gaming for the last 7 days. If you feel there are any major stories we missed that people should know about feel free to share it in the comments. Any feedback you have on what you would like to see in a weekly newsletter is always welcome.

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