Resident Evil 4 Remake | First Impressions

Resident Evil 4 Remake has taken 16.4 hours of my time, and I have to say that it has a good sum of improvements and changes. Even though I did not beat it, I got to taste an amazing chunk of that survival horror action-filled cake! Now, there are some downsides with it, but there are also nice subtle touches sewn into it! Like anything else, we will tackle the good and the bad. Let’s get started.

Resident Evil 4 Remake’s new touches

Capcom really did a lot to immerse and shock its players. Everything feels alive and dark, with many ambient sounds as well as enemies to keep you grounded in its reality. Without giving spoilers, after many chapters, I saw many familiar but vastly prettier sights. All of the villages and places I got to explore in 2005 on my old Gamecube were saturated with new graphics and subtle touches. I was able to do much that I recalled from RE4 2005 on the new Remake here in 2023! There was a type of deja vu almost that allowed me to get better upgrades early or just better gear just as fast! And when I found all that was old, I still found the newest things in the game! For example, at one point, I killed a Ganado “enemies in RE4” with a shotgun.

Resident Evil 4 Remake

Not only did I see her get split in half, but the Las Plagas infecting her body began wiggling out from inside of her! And that is consistent throughout the game! Little subtle touches like that bring out much in the game. When the Ganados get rowdy, that just brings up the intensity even higher, which is when you get the most fun out of this game. Speaking of that, let’s talk about gameplay.

The Gameplay and how it Makes the most of your Time

There are times I noticed that it can get intense in the fighting. Where you get much more swarmed by a few Ganados to where they hammer your health quickly to nothing. Resulting in barely any ammo and healing supplies remaining. But even after all of that, I had the most fun minus some points I found personally annoying. However, the new mechanics like stealthing up to some enemies and knifing them in the throat helps with those issues. Some newly changed enemies require that creativity. Now onto mention the Merchant.

Merchant of Death and Providence

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He is back with intrigue and charm. This man will sell you all that you need easy while offering new deals and even sales. He now sells recipes to make new ammo and gear while repairing your knife and body armor when you get it. Upgrades still work the same, while he offers buying supplies and selling your goods. He will be the best person to see anytime you move between places. And you will have nothing short from many helpful moments from him during the fun! He will also have you gain side quests in order to get spinels for trades. Spinels now are used to get special and rare items, including but not limited to weapons.

This makes exploring even more fun. As well as why I haven’t beaten the game and still have 16.4 hours in it! There are many ways to get everything much faster, but I did what I could at a nice pace without using too much ammo and herbs. And with the game being nearly identical to the 2005 game, I had soo many times to get better treasure and items. Which memory helped in that in more ways than one. The game accentuates this perfectly, without sacrificing anything from Resident Evil 4 Remake. That said, let’s talk about the settings for PC gamers.

Resident Evil 4 Remakes Settings

RE4 Remake has a nice setup for the settings. For PC gamers, this means you can adjust the graphics and visuals to match your rig. This game allows not only adjustable settings, but it will also show you how much you add or take away from specific graphical settings.

Not only did this give me the best visuals for my gaming laptop, but it also showed me what is too much to handle so I don’t start lagging to worse. Small quality of life things like this added not only to my experience positively but overall to see the best that this game has to offer. That said, on to my closing thoughts.


What I can say is that I love the game for what it is. However, I do not know if it was needed. Shortly after buying this game on pre-order, I learned that people are asking to get Resident Evil 5 remade. And to that, I say I disagree. Yes, I love this game, but I would rather have Resident Evil 9 improved. But at this point, it still is an enjoyable game. I do not regret my purchase, and I love everything that I experienced, and I look forward to experiencing everything that I haven’t. Between the glorious visuals such as shown below:

to the amazing gameplay, I wasn’t short on loving the game. I only hope that RE9 is amazing. Especially with how great RE4 Remake is so far. Would I say it is worth a purchase? Yes, as far as the gameplay and improvements. I cannot say much on the story beyond that one retcon is bad in my opinion. Just know that this Remake is fun in more ways than one, and that you might have a problem in the story changes at worst. But I highly doubt you will hate the game, especially when I enjoyed it as much as I did. This concludes my first impressions. If you like what I have to say, here is more of my content.

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