Dead Space Remake | Review

[Developer: Motive | Publisher: Electronic Arts]

The Dead Space Remake has been out for several days, and I was eager to review it. I played the original game years ago and had high hopes for the remake, thinking it would be as good as the Resident Evil Remake. However, after completing the game, I realized my expectations were too high.

Positive Aspects

The Dead Space Remake has many elements that can immerse you in its world. The dark and eerie environments, combined with random noises and whispers, kept me engaged during my first two hours of playing. The sound effects, such as things breaking or falling near you, added to the sense of tension and danger. I was particularly drawn to the environments, like the one shown in the screenshot, because they never felt safe and the monsters were intense. The puzzles are more challenging and satisfying, and the weapons feel good and reliable. With limited supplies, you always have to think ahead. All of these elements come together to create a captivating experience.

What Detracted from the Experience

However, the Dead Space Remake has several shortcomings that hinder its overall quality. The game focuses too much on the story, taking away the mystery and tension of the original. Instead of “show, don’t tell,” the story is heavily emphasized and Isaac, who was once a mute character, now talks about everything. The notes meant to build tension are overused and come off as too much. The original Dead Space relied on subtle tension, which was much more effective in building a sense of terror and urgency to survive. The story now feels more like a movie and less like a game. Additionally, I encountered several technical issues, including a soft lock at chapter 2, which required me to restart my first two hours of gameplay. Batteries needed to open doors would not load, and enemies would spawn out of thin air, making the game frustrating and difficult to play. The rendering glitches also detracted from my experience, as they would sometimes cause enemies not to render and still attack me. Video examples cited here and here. These problems were not unique to my playthrough, as console versions also experienced many bugs.

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If the Dead Space Remake worked properly, I would consider it an amazing game. Isaac’s dialogue in cutscenes is not intrusive, and the feeling of danger around every corner is still present. The story is not bad, but it feels like the game is holding your hand too much. The gameplay, when it worked, was fun and satisfying. However, the severe rendering problems and glitches made me hate the game at times. Despite these issues, I loved exploring the Ishimura and backtracking for new items with new keycards. If the game is fixed, I would look forward to playing it more, but I cannot recommend it as it currently stands. The game deserves better than the treatment it received.

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