Nobody Saves the World | First Impressions

[Developer: Drinkbox Studios | Publisher: Drinkbox Studios]

Nobody Saves The World is a Hack-and-Slash Action-RPG developed and published by DrinkBox Studios, and so far, it’s enjoyable and full of content with a great personality. It has excellent art, fun characters to interact with, and many unique ways to play the game. With that all summarized, time to talk details.

Game Mechanics

The prominent mechanic with this game is the transformations: the different forms you can shapeshift into as the “nobody” main character. You can transform into many forms, all with their own unique stats, special abilities, and attacks. In addition, the forms themselves all have their own personality and designs. The game uses these forms in complex ways, with quests using transformations to progress the story. Then, as you progress through the game, you’ll have opportunities to level up and improve forms and abilities. You’ll even be able to mix and match attacks and skills to fight monsters in clever ways.

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The game has a large map. After playing four hours, I got a quarter of the map explored with help from a co-op friend. The map isn’t just empty space for its own sake either: Each area gives you plenty to explore with new quests and options to level up your transformations and abilities. You’ll also find shops along the way where you can buy upgrades like stat buffs from a shop you find along the way! Examples below.

Nobody Saves the World Map


Nobody Saves the World comes together as a great cohesive whole! By yourself or with a friend, this game will be fun for any who enjoy adventure games like this. I strongly suggest picking up this game for $24.99. That’s a great deal that can give time between you and friends while you explore the world DrinkBox Studios created and refined for all to enjoy.

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