Monster Hunter Rise – PC Release | Review

What’s the Difference between Switch and PC Releases?

To be up front, the difference between the Monster Hunter Rise Switch and PC releases is mostly an upgrade in graphics, also with some new control options. By being able to switch between controller and keyboard, you can now mix it up in either scheme you wish. The game works well with both (I preferred controller), making it easy to enjoy the great environments and vibrant characters.

The game ran at a smooth 60 FPS, but the cap can be lifted if you want even more frames. If you have a good enough monitor, I would suggest bumping it above 60. As with many games, Monster Hunter Rise loads faster off of a solid state drive.

On to the Hunt

Playing the game for a few hours, I can say that it’s as enjoyable as ever. You might find it easier to use Wirebugs on the PC version if the mouse and keyboard control scheme is more your style. For those who haven’t played before, Wirebugs are a kind of in-air grapple point, allowing you to swing to high up places and jump-attack monsters easier.

This allows for quick repositioning, options to stun, and overall better control in the fights against the monsters you will be facing as you rise in the Hunter ranks. Mounting the monsters feels better as well, but nothing too drastic. Overall, it seems like Monster Hunter Rise runs faster and cleaner, making it easier to read the monsters and their attacks. Even though it’s just a port, it’s smoother enough to notice.

Quests and Downsides

A mixed upside and downside to this game are the quests. Monster Hunter Rise brings back division to the quests that the older games had. Village quests, which help you expand the village and farms you have, can only be played alone. You’ll have to try the Hunter Ranked quests if you’re looking for both single player and multiplayer challenges. This is a problem if you wish to play with friends but want to also grow your village, because only village quests provide village upgrades.


Between the graphics overhaul and the new control options, Monster Hunter Rise is a PC port that lifts barriers for those without a Switch while simultaneously sprinkling the game with refreshing enhancements. With a new PC player base to tap into, I’m hoping for a long and fun hunting season when the Sunbreak Expansion comes out this summer.

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