City of Gangsters | New Release

Developer: SomaSim | Publisher: Kasedo Games | Release: August 9, 2021

City of Gangsters, opens in 1920 at the dawn of prohibition in the US. The perfect opportunity for ambitious people to strike it rich in illegal alcohol.

This is where you come in. From humble origins you’ll build a well-oiled money machine,
where speakeasies and illegal distilleries drive your economic engine.
You’ll have complex production chains and resource distribution to manage. You’ll need to establish an extensive relationship network to grow a powerful crew to keep your rivals and the law at bay.

Economy Management and Logistics

The foundations of your empire are your operations which you’ll spin up as your influence spreads through the city. Many businesses have a legal side and also a room in the back for not-so-legal operations. With the right building materials and correct skills, you’ll set up ever more complex operations in those back rooms, where you secretly make booze or move it on to eager customers.
You’ll need to build up your crew and vehicle fleet to keep operations going. Putting crew members in charge of delivery routes will streamline the production of your booze and ship it out to a thirsty and increasingly demanding clientele

Relationships and Respect

In order to sell your booze, you’ll need the right connections. Fortunately, everybody knows somebody in this city. And you can take advantage of that by completing missions to improve your relationships and gain favors. Then you can call in those favors to expand your operations. Set up deals with local hooligans, acquire additional skills, attend special events and attract potential crew.
As you keep exploring the city you’ll discover an entire hidden underworld of potential opportunity and peril. Through your most trusted associates, you’ll be able to set up fronts
to expand your territory and extort nearby businesses as an additional source of revenue.
But while positive actions improve your relationships, negative ones will harm them.
And rumors will spread throughout a contact’s network, throwing up all sorts of unforeseen problems. So be careful who you extort or try to convince with a baseball bat.

Threats and Rivals

Criminal activity raises heat, which draws the attention of cops and feds. If you want to avoid the slammer. a well-placed bribe should encourage them to look the other way. You’ll also face direct competition with rival gangs. These outfits will work on expanding their own territory, crew and operations Left unchecked they’ll soon move in on your operations, subvert your fronts and steal your customers.
Sometimes however a show of force is your only option. You’ll need to be confident that your crew is armed and able to handle themselves if a street fight escalates into a full-blown war.

Establishing Your Legacy

Ultimately your success is determined by the number of goals completed across four categories.
Fame looks at the extent of your assets and territory.
Connections measures how effectively you’ve managed your relationships and business deals.
Economy is influenced by the efficiency of your production and distribution networks.
And competitors, on how ruthlessly or diplomatically you’ve dealt with rivals.
So this is your chance to strike it rich. But be quick. Before you know it prohibition will be over and alcohol will be legal again. And doing business fair and square well…everybody knows that ain’t where the real money is.
-Disclaimer: These words are not my own. Transcript comes from the video author and written out here for convenience. I only want to highlight a game I’ve found interesting and thought others might as well.

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