Six Reasons Why You Should Hate “Six Days In Fallujah” | Critic Score

Six Days in Fallujah is the newest game you should hate. It helps players immerse themselves into acting out war crimes, and they’re probably given higher scores the more heinous their acts, or something. Here are the 6 best reasons you should just agree with us and hate this game.

1. It’s about the Second Battle of Fallujah.

This is a big one for me. The Second Battle of Fallujah is something that most people don’t know about at all. After some browsing around and reading a few Wikipedia articles, it turns out that this was a battle that happened in the Iraq War. That’s right. The Iraq War.

2. It takes place in the Iraq War.

For those of you who don’t know, the Iraq War was a bad thing. A game taking place in the Iraq War is like a game taking place in World War I or the Vietnam War or the Horus Heresy. Bad wars don’t deserve games.

3. It’s a violent “shooter” game.

I’m not even joking. This depraved genre of game is literally called a “shooter” game. You shoot people in it. Six Days in Fallujah could have been about an architect in Fallujah, with six days to design a new building. It could be about a painter, spending six days around the city interviewing people and enjoying the natural landscape to use as inspiration. It could be about a car mechanic in Fallujah, repairing cars, in Fallujah. Instead, Highwire Games decided to make it about events that actually happened in Fallujah, Iraq, 2004. Disgusting.

4. It’s basically Call of Duty.

Six Days in Fallujah has guns and combat. Call of Duty has guns and combat. Need I say more?  This game basically rips off the Call of Duty franchise (which I completely hate but love playing – I’m quirky like that). From the slow paced, tactical gameplay, to the squad command features, to the randomly generated city that seeks to emulate the uncertainty of urban warfare, and especially with the fact that events in Six Days in Fallujah are based off of real testimonies from the people who were in the city during the second battle: it’s the exact same as Call of Duty.

5. The developer, Highwire Games, didn’t personally fight in the Second Battle of Fallujah.

Okay, let me explain. Yes, some members of Highwire Games are veterans. Yes, the person credited with conceiving the game was wounded during the Second Battle of Fallujah. Yes, veterans from the Second Battle of Fallujah reportedly reached out to Highwire Games to have their stories told. Yes, Highwire Games interviewed over 100 Marines and soldiers during the development process. Yes, Highwire Games interviewed over two dozen Iraqis, 23 of whom are from Fallujah. Yes, a portion of the proceeds from Six Days in Fallujah will be going to “coalition service members, as well as Iraqi civilians.” This is great and all, but, the entire development team at Highwire Games did not personally see combat in the Second Battle of Fallujah. So ask yourself: are they really qualified to tell this story?

6. Highwire Games is basically making stuff up.

Have you ever heard of a lie by omission? It’s basically fabrication, which is bad. Highwire Games said that they’ll only mention elements like the reported use of white phosphorous by U.S. Marines; they’ll only mention how government higher-ups put Marines into life threatening, morally-gray, and sometimes downright bad situations, and they’ll only mention a handful of other very important things. Did you know that WMDs were not found in Iraq? That seems like an important thing to include in your gameplay trailer, Highwire. Did you know that the Iraq Body Count project currently estimates 288,000 people have died during and in the aftermath of the invasion of Iraq? Why isn’t this in your gameplay trailer, Highwire?

While the game will feature the story of civilian family trying to escape from Fallujah, and developer Peter Tamte says “I just don’t think [players are] going to walk away from this experience going, ‘We need more war,’” this isn’t enough. They may be using real stories and real testimonies from people actually involved in the conflict, but I read an article recently that says the Second Battle of Fallujah took place in the Iraq War. That’s right. The Iraq War.


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  1. Everything you just said was pathetic excuses the game is a good way so we do not forget the battle and there are ww1 and Vietnam war games. If you got such a problem with it just do not buy it.

  2. This is actually the worst article I have ever read. Bad excuses of why you should hate a game that tell the stories of the soldiers that was present during the second Fallujah war. “It’s basically call of duty” worst headline I have ever read. You can compare any shooter game with cod, if you compare it just because of the guns.. 0/10 going to buy 100 copies and share out with people.

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