Enter The Mine: A Story of Betrayal, Death, and Fire

It finally fell. After a swift 30 punches to the trunk of this tree, I was able to get away with my wooden loot. I trotted up and down the blocky grass and made my way to point Alpha where Justin was setting up camp. Upon arrival I dropped my wood blocks onto the mud floor at Justin’s feet. He looks over to me, unimpressed, and gets back to work on finishing the stove. I was impressed with Justin though. While I was out showing the trees in the front yard the ways of Karate, Justin was back at Camp making it into a well oiled machine of a mining operation.

My hands are tired now and its getting too dark to even try to catch up to what Justin has contributed. Justin asks me, “What took you so long?” and notices I came back with wood yet had no axe in my hand. I explained my methods and then he ashamedly pulled an axe from the crafting table he had just made along with some other tools and gave them to me, and told me to follow him. We headed down into the mine we had opened up into the floor of point Alpha. With a newly crafted pick-axe in hand I took to the stone and was surprised to see how much more efficient this pick-axe was. I now have an axe as well that I cant wait to use at daybreak. No more tree punches for this fellow.

I was drifting off in a daydream about my new tree chopping potential before I realized how dark it had gotten in the mine. I had dug myself into a hallway of darkness. It was around this same time that Justin wondered where I went and told me to not let it get too dark. He then informed me about the potential terrors that could come out from the dark and compromise point Alpha. Luckily among the items Justin had crafted for me were some torches which I promptly placed on the way back down the long hall of former darkness. We headed back up the mine and dropped the fruits of our efforts to the floor. I had enough cobblestone to rebuild the streets of Charleston if called upon to complete the task. Justin on the other hand had various minerals and precious stones for crafting even better tools. Justin looked over at my piles of simple stone and wasn’t as visibly disappointed as he was earlier. He began to gather the stones and place them into the storage chest.

I looked through the large glass window, another of Justin’s Day 1 feats that was completed during my adventures in the woods. I noticed a figure walking through the night. I was surprised because I hadn’t seen any other players and thought it was just me and Justin here. I hurriedly opened the door, ran through the fence gate and headed towards the figure to introduce myself. Upon getting closer I noticed the figure had a sickly green skin and a funny walk. I grew hesitant to move any closer. Just as the feeling of needing to turn back crawled over me I hear Justin yelling “RUN!”

A hiss. A boom. I find myself at the bottom of a wide hole that wasn’t there just a moment ago. Justin says I’m lucky to be alive, and that I should avoid the “creepers” from now on. I felt that I had died and re-spawned again but I was glad to be back and there was certainly a lesson learned. I proclaimed that we should build a monument on the very spot where the incident took place and suggested that we should do so for anytime in the future if another event occurred. A reminder of the dangers and to remain vigilant. So we did just that.

After building the 4th monument in two days Justin said we needed to have a talk. I told him the 4th incident was his fault because he hadn’t finished building the base of the second floor. Justin says “Most people stop themselves before they walk over a drop off and let fate have it’s way with their kneecaps.” Whatever. I can’t leave Justin’s sight now for he fears I will destroy Camp Alpha from within due to my mishaps. I’m left with busy work, crafting whatever tools I know how to craft. I run out of materials to make my next pick-axe. I decide to run outside real quick before nightfall to get some more materials. I figure I’ll be back soon so I run out the door and the gate leaving them both open.

I got distracted by a pig and followed him into an undiscovered mine nearby. I shall name this pig I said. “You shall be called Minepig”. I planned to keep him but then I grew hungry. I’m alone now. With my newly extracted materials, I had a lot to show for my work, so I excitedly ran back up the mine to show Justin what I had found . When I ascended from the mine I noticed that it had grown dark. It wasn’t long before I realized I had made a terrible mistaking leaving Justin’s side. Creepers to the left of me and Creepers to the right I was stuck in the middle. I run as fast as I can to the gate which was still open from earlier. Just as I pass the gate I hear the sound of the hiss but it wasn’t nearly as terrifying as the sight before me. Justin was there in the open doorway and just as I tried to make my breach into safety, with a coldness in his eyes Justin shuts the door.


I bang my fist on the door instead of turning the knob. A fatal mistake.

A hiss. A boom.

Justin says he thought I had made it inside. His eyes told me that was a lie. I didn’t know what to think or what to do after this. My trust was fading. Justin however is just as handy with manipulation as he is handy with crafting tools. He changed the conversation by distracting me with a point towards his finished work. “Look.” he said. “I finished the second floor for you. Why don’t you go check it out. I put woods floors up there.. I hurried up the stairs to see a new, clean second floor with wooded floors and wooded walls. I admired the work he’d done and thought it would be worth sticking around to see how big point Alpha could become.

Justin tells me he has to go because he needs to get things done. I figured I was alone now and I cant do much without him so I’ll log off too. Shortly after it grew dark in the room. Pitch black even. Obviously Justin has blocked me in and has pulled a prank on me.  I swing in the dark to try and get my bearings. A moment later there is light. Not from one of Justin’s finely crafted glass windows but instead from the fire. The wood floors had been set ablaze from beneath and had begun to burn the entire wooden second floor. My health began to drop rapidly.

“Justin is now offline.”

He left me to die, and it would be so if it weren’t for my callused, tree punching hands and their ability to punch their way out of that flaming kill room. In dismay I sit just outside of the house on top of one of the monuments wondering what I could do. Justin knows more than I ever would about Minecraft. Hes better equipped then me and a MacGyver of wood and stone.
I headed back inside to see what I could make use of in the storage chest.

I open the chest.

Justin has been making more then just tools for mining. I have all of what I need.

When Justin logs back in. I’ll be ready.

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